this vibrant energy
of talents from
11 nations.«

Martin Philipp | Stage Director

L’Enfant et les Sortilèges | Maurice Ravel | Ballett | Claude Debussy
Theater Aachen Großes Haus | 2012

Studying Music in Aachen

The Musikhochschule Aachen is a department of the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (the University School of Music and Dance Cologne). In the 1970s, under Science Minister Johannes Rau, the institute emerged from the Grenzland-Konservatorium and then, along with the institutes of Cologne and Düsseldorf, became part of the Musikhochschule Rheinland. In this ensemble, the Musikhochschule Aachen has gained an excellent reputation for its practical training and its numerous cooperations with the city of Aachen and the Euregio. ƒ HfMT

Excellence Uni Aachen – Small but Nice

By today, the Musikhochschule Aachen has developed into an important cultural institution and an authority in music education. It hosts about 160 events a year in its newly renovated buildings at the Theaterplatz and it organizes various concert cycles in Aachen (Couven-Museum, Krönungssaal, Schloss Rahe), Alsdorf (Energeticon) and in the Dutch city of Vaals (De Kopermolen). These events are invaluable performance opportunities for the school’s about 200 students, who can gain even more experience by partaking in the large variety of concerts taking place in the Euregio. Aachen alumni are indispensable in the region’s music schools. With the pedagogical and musical skills acquired during their studies, they are great assets to music education. ƒ Events

Unique: The Cooperation with Theater Aachen

For more than 20 years now, the close cooperation with the school’s neighbour, the Theater Aachen, takes up an important place. Traditionally, the school collaborates with the theatre on the season’s last opera premiere and the following four regular performances. Here, vocal students make their first acquaintance with the stage and instrumentalists experience the orchestra pit early on. Thus, Aachen students are well prepared for their future occupations as opera singers (soloist and choir) and orchestra musicians. In the pasts years, the school has built up an opera repertoire spanning five centuries, from early baroque to world premiere. In addition to these large annual opera productions, students have numerous opportunities to perform within piece contracts (small or medium parts), in the extra choir and in the Aachen Symphony Orchestra. ƒ Projects

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